Who We Are

Who We Are

Our History

Ministry to Men (M2M) is a collection of real men in the real world. Most of us live in St. Charles County, Missouri. Together, we’re on a quest to discover our purpose, grow as leaders, and cultivate a legacy.

Charlie Williams, Ben Blanton, and Ron Hollis founded M2M in 2001.

Charlie had worked for a national men’s ministry for years. He hoped to continue helping men grow in Christ but wanted to localize his efforts to St. Charles County. Two Bible Discussion Groups — the backbone of M2M — were already meeting. We had previously launched our popular Men’s Prayer Breakfasts (they began in 1995).

Charlie was a father to many of us, and we lost him in 2020 (he was 81). His godly leadership established a foundation upon which we are still building today. 

Today, Ministry to Men exists to empower men to know and grow in Jesus Christ. As an arm of the local church, we help fulfill the Great Commission by going into our community and making disciples.

Every day of the week except Sunday, several of our Bible Discussion Groups gather for study, prayer, and camaraderie. We end each year with our New Year’s Eve Morning Breakfast and share our stories at our annual Good Friday retreat.

Men’s Prayer Breakfast

Our Men’s Prayer Breakfast is the highlight of the year. It’s a life-affirming time of getting to know each other, hearing from each other, and eating great food. Our past guest speakers have included:

  • Former US Attorney General John Ashcroft
  • Wayne Huizenga Jr. President of Huizenga Holdings, Inc. and former owner of the Miami Dolphins
  • Syndicated columnist Cal Thomas
  • Jeff Struecker (one of the US Army Rangers portrayed in Blackhawk Down)

Meet Our Team


Our Board Members


Brian Bredensteiner

President of the Board of Directors 
Prayer Breakfast Planning Committee Member

Brian, our board president, has been part of M2M from the beginning — he started as our bookkeeper! He loves being able to share the gospel with other men, pouring value into their lives because so many other men have poured into his life.

Brian is a CPA and serves as the Executive Vice President at First State Bank of St. Charles. He married his wife Ann in 1993. The couple has three children. Brian spends his free time hanging out with his family and playing sports, hunting, and fishing.

Vic Miller

Vice President of the Board of Directors
Prayer Breakfast Planning Committee Member

Vic volunteers with M2M because he sees how men’s ministries have changed his life, continually challenging him to be a better man. He’s owned his business, Vic Miller Insurance, since 1981.

That same year, he married MaryAnn, and the two have three children and two grandchildren.

Ken Volz

Office Administrator
Secretary and Treasurer of the Board of Directors
Prayer Breakfast Planning Committee Member

Ken is responsible for the well-oiled machine that is Ministry to Men. He makes sure everyone has what they need, takes care of all the hard-to-manage details, and oversees the day-to-day operation of M2M.

Ken says, “I put myself in the shoes of our men every time we plan an event to make sure they feel welcome in a safe and comfortable setting. And that they hear what they need to hear from men who were once in their shoes.”

Ken is the owner and broker of a small real estate company. He’s worked in the auto, transportation, and logistics industries. He and his wife, Dianna, married in 1995. 

Dennis L. Boenker

Board of Directors Member
Prayer Breakfast Planning Committee Member

We rely on Dennis for his operational experience and love for people. He serves on the board so he can connect and share the Gospel with men in our community.

Dennis is a small business owner with two locations in St. Charles and Wentzville. He and his wife, Laura, married in 1976 and now have three children and eleven grandchildren.

Ken Chrismer

Board of Directors Member
Prayer Breakfast Planning Committee Member

Ken Chrismer sees serving on our board as just another opportunity to serve Christ. He helps us plan our yearly Prayer Breakfast — the most important event of our calendar year.

Ken is retired. He’s been married to his wife Marian since 2007. A blended family, the two share a total of twenty-two grandkids and ten great-grandkids!

Steve Crowdus

Board of Directors Member

Steve has been a Christ follower since July 31, 1982! His testimony speaks to the Mercy, Grace, and Goodness of God! Steve has been in the leadership of men for the past 15 years. His heart is in seeing men discover the freedom that only Jesus Christ can provide. He believes that both one-on-one and small group ministry represent the most effective means to discovering what true discipleship is really all about. He is married to Susie and has two grown kids.

He is known as Mr. Coffee and would love to sit down with you to “do life.” He has developed a ministry platform he has named Life Beyond the Summit. Here, he has posted written inspiration, as well as podcasts, all focused on moving closer to the Heart of God.

He has a heart to reach men in our local region, seeing men unite in faith, and discover God given purpose!! If you would like to sit down over coffee, he can be reached at lifebeyondthesummi@gmail.com!

Emeritus Board Members


Ben Blanton

Emeritus Board Member

Ron Hollis

Emeritus Board Member