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We are real men in the real world. We’re on a quest to discover our purpose, grow as leaders, and cultivate a legacy. Headquartered in St. Charles County, Missouri, we do this through honest conversation, Bible study, and weekly connection to each other.

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  • If you are looking for a way to connect with Christian brothers and move closer to God, reach out to Ministry to Men.

    - Scott A.
  • The peer relationships we have in the Bible Discussion groups are one of the highlights of Ministry to Men. It’s just easier walking with other men. We encourage, challenge, and love on each other.

    - Rick R.
  • I’m learning to understand Jesus in ways I couldn’t have dreamed of.

    - Thomas R.
  • The sharing of fellowship between men of faith … is the most uplifting aspect of the Ministry to Men program. The added bonus is the care and concern each feels for the other.

    - William K.

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St. Charles County men: We believe that God made you for a purpose. To reach that purpose, you’ll need to lock arms with other men on the same quest. Become more for your family and your job by finding those friends you can call whenever. Get weekly Bible study, prayer, mentorship, and more.

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This world needs more men on an adventure with the living Christ, each growing in health, honesty, and true success. Support the hearts of real men in the real world.

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Our weekly “5 on Friday” email takes 5 minutes to read. Each is packed with biblical insight so you can grow as a man in all areas of life. Charge up for the weekend and refresh from a week full of life’s demands.

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