Don't Flinch, Stand Firm

From Chuck Swindoll – Ephesians 6:13

TUCKED AWAY IN THE FOLDS OF Hebrews 11 is a two-word biography worth a second glance:
“He endured” (11:27, NASB).
The Living Bible says, “[he] kept right on going.”
The New International Version: “He persevered.”
The New English Bible: “He was resolute.”
The Amplified Bible, Classic Edition: “He held staunchly to his purpose.”
And Moffatt’s quaint rendering: “He never flinched.”

The “he” refers to Moses. Moses was the one who hung tough . . . who refused to give in or give up . . . who decided that no number of odds against him would cause him to surrender and give up.

He possessed the disciplines of durability. He had staying power. Once Moses made up his mind, nothing would deter the man. He endured, despite the criticism of some who were closest to him. Often the words of those he trusted most cut deeply; but he refused to back off. Misunderstood, maligned, murmured against, and misrepresented, Moses “never flinched.”

Maybe the great apostle of grace had such things in mind when he introduced his classic essay on the armor of God:

Put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will be standing firm.

I have no idea where this finds you. For all I know, you are stronger than ever, determined not to shrink back, pressing on with a full tank of resolve. That’s great. However, you may be getting shaky. Your normally thick hide of moral purity and ethical integrity may be wearing thin. It’s possible you’ve begun to listen too closely to your critics or you’ve started to need others’ approval too much. You may have led with decisiveness in the past when you stood alone against the tide, but today you’re feeling yourself weakening.

Whatever it is you’re facing, step up and stand strong. Walk in quiet confidence, not veiled pride. Be sure without being stubborn, firm without being mean, enduring but not discourteous, full of truth balanced well with grace.
Don't Flinch, Stand Firm