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Follow Up #3 in ‘Emphasis On Four’ Series

  Come take part in yet another area of discipleship. We call it follow up, and it usually means what we do after our major events; follow up on guest you have showed an interest in knowing more about what was said or getting involved in the ministry. BUT follow up is so much more than that, join us on August 16, 2014 to see ways you can be involved in this exciting part of discipleship. Check out what others are saying about what follow up means to them. Scroll down to video #4. … [Read More...]

Discipleship #2 in ‘Emphasis On Four’ Series

What makes Ministry to Men tick? Discipleship is the core of Ministry to Men. And it is the topic for  Saturday's meeting. I believe I can guarantee it will be worth your time to attend. Discipleship is not a program, but rather a friendship building relationship, where you both can come together to look into what God has to say to both of you. A chance to share what God is doing in your life and … [Read More...]


Brown Bag Lunch

Watch Todd Worrell, former Cardinal pitcher speaking at Ministry to Men Lunch. To watch the entire Brown Bag Lunch program, check this out... Includes Tim Rabbitt talking about Fanning the Flame … [Read More...]

Many aspects of ministry

Check into the many aspects of Ministry to Men as presented at our 2014 Annual Vision Night. … [Read More...]